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You gotta be in it not to win it.


WHEN: 5 April 2024

WHERE: Maritzburg College

WHAT TIME: Registration from 2 pm; Start Gun at 5 pm

COST: R500 (excl vat) per team of 6. Full price list with marquee, trestle table, tablecloth, chair and drum braai available under Documents or under Register.

Make sure you're in it, but not to win it!

This fun corporate relay is a networking and team event, it is not a serious running event and it is definitely not about winning, and because of this, it has rather an unusual format, which includes a business obstacle course of sorts. In order to get the necessary stamps on their running numbers, participants have to do an activity before being able to get "back on the road". Participants are encouraged to come in O.T.T. gear (and they do!).

If you haven't participated before, please have a look at some of the pics from past events to get a feel for the event:


Here are the relay rules:

  • No looking tired, serious or bored – this a fun relay!
  • No wearing of suits, stilettos, socks or roller skates.
  • No making of pet or other rude noises.
  • No pettiness or politics.
  • No calculators.
  • No looking shifty.
  • No avoiding authority.
  • No funny walks (but skipping & dancing is allowed).
  • You MUST laugh and be noisy.
  • Doing the funky chicken properly is encouraged.
  • In order to respect your hosts, you must take advantage of the refreshments on offer.
  • Do zap any rubbish in the Zibi Can.
  • Do acknowledge the fine contribution of the corporates on route by loudly acknowledging them as follows: "Wow! " and then stating their name.
  • Any other rule that we may determine at any time.
  • There are no rules.


Via our online event management system (Glue-up - click on Register or I will attend below) or contact Heidi - pmcb@pmcb.org.za, 033 345 2747.


Relay Booking Form 2024.docxdownload


Discover and connect with other attendees.


PMCB O.T.T. Relay 1Team Ticket

Includes entry for a team of six and runner's bib

Standard Price R 500
Marquee 3 x 4

Accommodates a maximum of 15 people

Standard Price R 800
Marquee 3 x 6

Accommodates a maximum of 30 people

Standard Price R 1,000
Marquee 3 x 9

Accommodates a maximum of 45 people

Standard Price R 1,400
Marquee 6 x 6

Accommodates a maximum of 50 people

Standard Price R 1,600
Marquee 6 x 9

Accommodates a maximum of 65 people

Standard Price R 1,900
Marquee 6 x 12

Accommodates a maximum of 90 people

Standard Price R 2,650
Trestle Table

Includes the hire of 1 standard Trestle Table

Standard Price R 70
1 Table Cloth

Includes the hire of 1 standard black table cloth

Standard Price R 50
1 Chair

Includes the hire of 1 x plastic chair

Standard Price R 25
Half-Drum Braai

Includes the hire of 1 x half-drum braai

Standard Price R 250
Stand with no Lighting for Own Gazebo

This includes a site to erect your own gazebo on, no lighting provided

Member Price Complimentary
Stand with Lighting for Own Gazebo

This includes a site to erect your own gazebo on, light provided (must be erected in advance of the event)

Member Price R 250
Cheerleader Ticket

For those members wanting to join in the fun by cheering instead of running (please let us know if you're going to bring a braai pack so that we have enough braais available at our marquee for everyone to use?)

Member Price Complimentary
25 Chairs
Standard Price R 25
PMCB O.T.T Relay 3 Teams Ticket
Standard Price R 500
PMCB O.T.T Relay 2 Teams Ticket
Standard Price R 500
PMCB O.T.T Relay 4 Teams Ticket
Standard Price R 500


Maritzburg College

College Road 51
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

If you have any questions please contact Heidi Jadoo

Contact Organizer

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